dSky VR : Golden Gate

for HTC Vive -- v2.60.20170304

dSky GOLDEN GATE enables you to explore and teleport freely around a miniature scale model of the magical city of San Francisco, including models of more than 80,000 buildings in the city, and high detail for key points of interest. Even at 1:200 scale, this city is the explorable size of a gymnasium! Enjoy!

What to expect:

Here are a few screenshots of the virtual universe that awaits you...

dSky Golden Gate VR : high above downtown SF
the colliseum of Kezar Stadium at Golden Gate Park
peering into the magic of Mission Dolores Park
dSky Golden Gate VR : points of interest labelled
sutro tower silouhette above the city skyline
the golden gate bridge from ocean beach
sailboats on the bay
flying in above Giants stadium during a game
looking down into huntington park and grace cathedral
dSky Golden Gate VR : the myriad rooftops of South of Market
flying above the docks at fort mason
examining SOMA with the holographic map

What you'll experience

This video is merely a glimpse through a window. As usual with VR, you have no idea until you're actually *in* there, flying around the city. Hit Play for a sample:


dsky golden gate : vive controller navigation instructions v2.6

How to Navigate San Francisco:
ALTERNATE METHODS : Keyboard / XBox GamePad

 ACTION                           KEYBOARD     GAMEPAD
 Move : fwd / back / L / R        W-A-S-D      right analog stick
 Spin : CW / CCW                               left analog stick
 Elevator : down / up             Z-X          left / right bumpers
 TELEPORT                         return        B-button
 FLOOR show / hide                left-Shift    X-button
 show Site LABELS                 right-Shift   A-button
 HELP show / hide                 H             Y-button

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