dSky VR : Golden Gate

for HTC Vive -- v2.54.20170123

dSky GOLDEN GATE enables you to explore and teleport freely around a miniature scale model of the magical city of San Francisco, including models of more than 80,000 buildings in the city, and high detail for key points of interest. Even at 1:200 scale, this city is the explorable size of a gymnasium! Enjoy!

What to expect:

Here are a few screenshots of the virtual universe that awaits you...

the golden gate bridge from ocean beach
sutro tower silouhette above golden gate park
sailboats on the bay
flying in above Giants stadium during a game
looking down into huntington park and grace cathedral
flying above the Metreon and SFMOMA
flying above the docks at fort mason
coming in from treasure island


How to Navigate San Francisco: XBox GamePad

 ACTION                           KEYBOARD     GAMEPAD
 Move : fwd / back / L / R        W-A-S-D      right analog stick
 Spin : CW / CCW                               left analog stick
 Elevator : down / up             Z-X          left / right bumpers
 TELEPORT                         return        B-button
 FLOOR show / hide                left-Shift    X-button
 show Site LABELS                 right-Shift   A-button
 HELP show / hide                 H             Y-button

dsky golden gate : xbox control navigation instructions v2.5.4

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