for Oculus Rift
v1.9 — Oct 23, 2016

dSky WINGS enables you to fly and teleport freely above the city of San Francisco, including highly accurate models of every building in the city, as well as key points of interest. Building and landscape data was obtained from both public and private sources and integrated with our VRengine.

What to expect:

Here are a few screenshots, a 2d proxy of the virtual universe that awaits you...

the golden gate bridge from ocean beach
att park from the air
flying above the docks at fort mason
some high altitude flying
flying in above Giants stadium during a game
looking down into huntington park and grace cathedral
flying above the Metreon and SFMOMA
coming in from treasure island
sutro tower silouhette above golden gate park
coming in towards the north shore
sailboats on the bay
sailboats on the bay

What you'll experience

This video is merely a glimpse through a window. As usual with VR, you have no idea until you're actually *in* there, staring at the particles and waveforms in your world. Hit Play for a sample:



NOTE: requires Oculus Rift & nVidia 970 or better.


to play this experience, we strongly recommend an xBox controller...
it might also be good to have a pilots license...
or significant experience with aero- and/or acro-batics.

Got it? Good. Here are your flight controls, cadet:

How to Play:                  XBox Gamepad          Keyboard
Accelerate                    Right thumbstick ^          W Brake                         Right thumbstick v          S
Turn Clockwise / R            Right thumbstick >          D Turn Counter-Clockwise / L    Right thumbstick <          A
Pitch down / forward          Left thumbstick ^          I Pitch up / back               Left thumbstick v          K
Elevator down          Left bumper          Z Elevator up               Right bumper           X
Teleport B-button enter Help ON/OFF Y-button
VFX switches*:
Magic Ocean ON/OFF (for performance)                     O Volumetric Clouds ON/OFF (for performance)               C
-------------------------------------------------------------- * note : VFX features available only on 1070 or better

dsky flying : xbox-control-flying-instructions-v064


once the game starts, look around for a moment to orient yourself.

after you see where you are,
gently press FORWARD on the RIGHT THUMBSTICK to launch your flying adventure.

You are now flying.

BE CAREFUL. Advanced aerobatic maneuvers CAN CAUSE QUEASINESS, just as they would in real life. For this reason, we have limited flying speed to a maximum of 300mph. You still will want to use caution when performing aggressive tricks such as barrel rolls, hard banks, and loop-de-loops.


In general, use LEFT / RIGHT on the RIGHT THUMBSTICK to steer;
and UP / DOWN on the RIGHT THUMBSTICK to accelerate / brake.

If you decelerate to 0mph, you will hover in place;
Your thrusters automatically counter for gravity.

From time to time, you may wish to correct your orientation / pitch by nudging either
FORWARD or BACK on the LEFT THUMBSTICK. This corrects attitude.

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This demo was made with
  • Unity3D,
  • Audacity,
  • Sketchup,
  • The Virtual Terrain Project
  • Autodesk Maya, and
  • Adobe Photoshop

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