Cinemersia : MansLaughter

written and directed by David Marlett
for Samsung GearVR — v1.35 — August 25, 2015

MansLaughter is the world's first feature film designed and written specifically for VR.

How to View:

This process will take you about 5 minutes, plus a download.

You will need:

Basic Instructions:

  1. upgrade your MilkVR viewer to the latest, v1.35
  2. download the user.cfg to your phone
  3. create a directory named /MilkVR/ at the root of your phone, and move the user.cfg file into it
  4. launch the MilkVR app, put on the headset, and download the MansLaughter movie.
  5. wait for the download to complete.
  6. tap 'Play' and enjoy.

Detailed Instructions:

NOTE: Movie playback requires Android 5 Lollipop and a Samsung Note4 or Galaxy S6 smartphone.
To find what version of Android you are on, go to
Settings / GENERAL / About device / Android version
  1. Upgrade MilkVR to 1.35
    1. Launch the Oculus GearVR app on your smartphone.
    2. Tap the icon (three bars) in upper left of screen
    3. select Library at lower left.
    4. in the topmost bar, tap GAMES, then APPS
    5. scroll down until you see the MilkVR panel
    6. If there is a bar stating "Update Available", tap the UPDATE button.
    7. Wait a few minutes until the update is complete.

  2. Download the custom user.cfg file
    1. open this page on your phone's web browser:
    2. tap and hold this link : download user.cfg
    3. a pop-up menu will appear
    4. select Save link

  3. Move the user.cfg file into the MilkVR folder
    1. open up the MyFiles app,
    2. tap Device storage to navigate to the root directory of your phone
    3. tap the icon (three dots) in the upper right of your screen
    4. tap Create folder
    5. name the folder “MilkVR" and tap CREATE
    6. locate the user.cfg file you just downloaded.
      It will generally be in Device storage, in a folder called Download.
    7. tap and hold your finger on user.cfg until a checkmark appears to the left of it.
    8. Tap the icon (three dots) in upper right of screen, and select Move.
    9. navigate into the newly created   MilkVR directory, and tap MOVE HERE at top right of screen.

  4. Prepare
    1. shut down all active apps and turn off bluetooth. This will give you optimal VR playback performance.
    2. connect a pair of high-quality stereo headphones to your phone.
    3. adjust the volume into the upper range by clicking the volume up toggle on the side of the phone.
    4. get into a comfortable swivel chair.

  5. Launch MilkVR
    1. find the Oculus icon amongst your apps, and tap it to launch.
    2. Tap the SAMSUNG title in the top right category bar.
    3. scroll down until you see the MilkVR thumbnail; tap on it
    4. at bottom of screen, tap 'START'

  6. Download the Movie
    1. place the phone into the GearVR when prompted, and
    2. place the GearVR onto your head, followed by your headphones.
    3. you may see up to 10 seconds of blackness, this is normal; shortly,
      The MilkVR logo and version number will appear..
    4. if the version is lower than 1.35, return to step 1 at top of page
    5. once you are in the MilkVR theatre, You should see a series of glowing rectangles, and above that, a black band.
    6. look up at the black band, and find the label   Cinemersia   ...when it highlights, tap on the GearVR touchpad with your right finger, once.
    7. a rectangle labelled MansLaughter will appear.
      Look at it, and tap the the trackpad.
    8. Two buttons will appear;
      look directly at the BEST QUALITY button, and tap the the trackpad.
    9. The movie will start to download.

      The file is approximately 1GB in size. This may take some time, even on Wifi. You may remove the headset from your head during download, but please leave the MilkVR app active, and leave the smartphone attached to the GearVR. After 20 minutes, don the headset again and check on the download progress...

  7. Play & Explore!
    1. Once the movie is fully downloaded, a PLAY  button will appear atop the thumbnail. Tap it.
    2. The movie will start. Enjoy

    3. As you get a few minutes into the movie, be sure to turn around in your chair to explore the story. Plot twists await in every quadrant.
Oculus GearVR App Icon on Android OS
    1a. Launch the Oculus App
MilkVR update in Oculus Store
    1f. Update the MilkVR app
MilkVR app panel in Oculus Store
    5c. Launch MilkVR
MansLaughter Poster in MilkVR
    6g. Select the movie
Download MansLaughter for MilkVR
    6h. Download the movie

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