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greg roberts

(415) 787-3383


Greg Roberts is a leading authority on natural user interfaces and virtual reality playspaces. In his present role as co-founder and CCO of dSky, Roberts leads the design and development of best-in-class experiences for the coming wave of consumer Virtual Reality HMDs. His work focuses specifically on translating the peak experiences of humanity into fully interactive real-time VR playgrounds.

Previously he founded PlayMotion, one of the first videogame companies to utilize natural human motion as its primary method of interaction. His team's games and custom hardware predated both the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect platforms. Roberts has designed interactive experiences for some of the most prestigious brands and destinations on the planet, including Google, Nike, Atari, Playboy, Red Bull, WIRED, NASA, and Disney.

Roberts is a father of two wonderful children. He completed his first footrace, the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010, and his first Iron Man 70.3 Triathlon in 2012. He is also a joyful practitioner of AcroYoga.

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