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Jonathan Hamel is a veteran game designer with 20 years of experience in software and entertainment, most recently as Principal Game Designer at Amazon Game Studios. He helped reinvent one of the most recognizable and commercially-successful game franchises in the world with his work on the Tomb Raider reboot and The Rise of the Tomb Raider. He has made children smile, launching over 100 web games on SesameStreet.com. And he gave players new battle strategies to explore in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king. He has set up and guided the vision for both internal and external development teams, internationally.

Jonathan is an expert at creating meaningful experiences and emotional resonance by creating game systems that encourage exploration and player choice, while safeguarding the identity of brands that are household names. That was a mouthful. But Jonathan is a hopeless intellectual and actually means all that.

When not creating or playing games, you can find Jonathan outside with his two kids, looking at the planets through his telescope. He has co-written three novels for kids in his spare time, published by HarperCollins and optioned by Paramount for development as a feature film. He is an avid scuba diver and wishes his favorite nerd hobby, model rocketry, were legal here in California.

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