dSky : VR.Engine

The dSky VREngine solves all the hard problems of VR content authoring and creation, giving directors and designers the freedom to focus on what they do best : creating great experiences, story and content.
The dSky VREngine is a modular framework
that includes optimized components designed specifically for VR:

dsky-vrengine-input-icon INPUT
general purpose VR input harness from touchpad to keyboard+mouse to full mocap

dsky-vrengine-menu-icon MENU/UI
an animated, flexible VR-ready True3D™ menuing system

dsky-vrengine-avatar-icon AVATAR
first person humanoid avatar representation & animation with heuristic + IK control

dsky-vrengine-calibration-icon CALIBRATION
player calibration (physical size, hand registration, tracking volumes)

dsky-vrengine-cinema-icon CINEMA
seamless integration of 360° video assets, both still and video, 2D and stereoscopic

dsky-vrengine-audio-icon 3D AUDIO
fully scriptable, animated positional audio components

dsky-vrengine-pipeline-icon PIPELINE
streamlined VR content authoring & asset pipelines

dsky-vrengine-credits-icon CREDITS
streamlined production of animated True3D VR credits directly from text files

Get your VR project supercharged with dSky

The dSky VR Engine is available for licensing to select partners for Unity3D currently, and will be released for Unreal Engine in Q1 2016.

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