dSky VR : Science : AlienDNA / Biology

for Samsung GearVR
v0.11g • Sep 18, 2015

Experience the mystery and wonder of life at the microscopic level, witnessing one of the primary processes of living creatures in a whole new way: cellular cleavage.

What you'll experience

This video is merely a glimpse through a window. As usual with VR, you have no idea until you're actually *in* there, staring at the living cells at microscopic scale.
Hit Play for a sample:

How to Play:

The experience is a guided tour that proceeds automagically.
If you prefer to speed things up a bit, you can:

 Action                             Input
 Force Cell Reproduction            gearVR tap

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This demo was made with
  • Unity3D,
  • SketchUp
  • Audacity, and
  • Autodesk Maya

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