dSky VR : Science : Maxwell

for Oculus Rift DK2
Windows & OSX
v0.35 — Jan 3, 2015

Maxwell is a fully interactive, 3D, 360 VR visualization of Maxwell's Law of Electromagnetism, one of the foundational pillars of modern physics.

What you'll experience

This video is merely a glimpse through a window. As usual with VR, you have no idea until you're actually *in* there, staring at the particles and waveforms in your world. Hit Play for a sample:

How to Play:

Maxwell is fun to watch as the simulation unfolds around you.
Once you get used to the simulation, though, you
may desire to start manipulating the parameters, and enjoy
your interactive physics laboratory. This is how:

 Action                                    Key
 ANIMATION : play / pause                  SPACE
 SELECT : rotate through charges           TAB
 RESOLUTION : increase / decrease          U / I
 PATH WEIGHT : thicker / thinner           J / K
 WAVE DENSITY : less / more                < / >
 TEST CHARGES : show / hide toggle         T

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This demo was made with
  • Unity3D,
  • Vectrosity, and
  • Audacity,

More information about Maxwell's Equations can be found on Wikipedia.

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