dSky VR : Science : SeaScape

for Samsung GearVR
v0.75g • Aug 27, 2015

Experience beautiful underwater vistas in 360 degrees, with stunning environmental sound. This is a rapid prototype setting the foundation for our further explorations into the possibilities of full 360 stereoscopic video, 3D capture content, and its fusion with interactive CG artifacts.

Download dSky SeaScape v0.75:

What to expect:

Here's a few screenshots, a 2d proxy of your virtual universe.

scuba bubbles rise in seascape
smile for the cameras
denizens of the deep

How to Play:

The experience advances automagically for patient souls.
If you prefer to speed things up a bit, you can:

 Action                             Input
 Go to Next Scene                   gearVR tap

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This demo was made with
  • Unity3D,
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Audacity, and
  • Autodesk Maya

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