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v0.71R • Oct 6, 2015

Witness the true galactic geometry behind the major constellations, in actual scale relationships to the cosmos.

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What to expect:

Enjoy these screenshots, a mere 2d proxy of the virtual universe that awaits you...

algorithmically rendered orion and taurus constellations in 3d VR
stars in the proper 3d positions in the celestial grid
uranias mirror in situ
true 3d constellation configurations in Virtual Reality

What you'll experience

This video is merely a glimpse through a window into our alpha prototype. As usual with VR, you have no idea until you're actually *in* there, staring at the cosmos in epic 3d scale.
Hit Play for a sample:

How to Play: StarFinder [private alpha]

The final v1.0 experience grants you the wish of freeform celestial navigation.
Here are your flight controls, captain:

 Action                       Input
 orbit Orion's belt            mouse click+drag left/right
 pitch galaxy up / down        mouse click+drag up/down
 return to Planet Earth        keyboard : spacebar

 orbit Orion's belt            gearVR slide fwd/back
 pitch galaxy up / down        gearVR slide up/down
 return to Planet Earth        gearVR tap

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