dSky VR : Science : MSL / Mars Curiosity Rover

for Oculus Rift DK2, Sony PSVR, HTC Vive & Samsung GearVR
v0.42aR • Nov 16, 2015

Test drive the $2.5 billion Mars Curiosity Rover in a simulated surface environment. Fire its lasers, get a birds eye view, and control its movements in a calibrated test environment.

What you'll see

Here's a few screenshots, a 2d proxy of the virtual universe that awaits...

a penny on mars : the MSL curiosity camera calibration panel
aim and operate the powerful blue laser atop the curiosity rover
witness the MSL curiosity rover landing in amazing first person perspective
see how it feels to stand on the surface of alien planets

What you'll experience

This video is a glimpse through a foggy window into the rich VR universe. As usual, to grasp the beauty, you have to actually get *in* there, and interact with the full-sized rover in epic room scale VR.
Hit Play for a sample:

How to Operate a Mars Rover: XBox GamePad

 ACTION                           KEYBOARD     GAMEPAD
 Move Rover : fwd / back / spin   W-A-S-D      left analog stick
 Teleport                         ESC           A-button
 Fire Research Laser              left-Shift    X-button
 Fire High-Power Laser            right-Shift   B-button
 HUD show / hide                  H             Y-button
 Zoom Main Camera In / Out        Z / X        L / R bumpers
 Take a Picture                   ENTER        right trigger
 Manipulate Robot Arm             I-J-K-L      right analog stick


This demo was made in partnership with Kevin Lane and the talented artists at Bohemian Grey, authors of the insanely great Mars Rover Visualization for NASA / JPL.

Tools used in our production include:
  • Unreal Engine
  • NewTek Lightwave 3D
  • Adobe Photoshop,   • DropBox, Google Drive and
  • Audacity

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