dSky VR : Flying Adventure

for Oculus Rift DK2
Windows & OSX
v0.45 — Apr 25, 2015

The basic idea of Flying Adventure is to articulate free-form human flight atop real geography, including dynamically rendered bodies of water and volumetric clouds. For our first test, we have chosen the San Francisco bay area for a modelling and terrain testbed. Building and landscape data was donated from architectural firms sites and ported into Unity. .


NOTE: both versions require Oculus runtime 5.01
or better. Download Oculus drivers here.

What to expect:

Here's a few screenshots, a 2d proxy of your virtual universe.

scuba bubbles rise in seascape
smile for the cameras
denizens of the deep


to play this experience, its good to have a pilots license...
or significant experience with aero- and/or acro-batics.

Got it? Good. Here are your flight controls, cadet:

How to Play:                  XBox Gamepad          Keyboard
Accelerate                    Left thumbstick ^          W
Brake                         Left thumbttick v          S
Tilt Clockwise                Left thumbstick <          D
Tilt Counter-Clockwise        Left thumbstick >          A
Pitch down / forward          Right thumbstick ^         I
Pitch up / back               Right thumbstick v         K
Spin / rotate left            Right thumbstick <         J
Spin / rotate right           Right thumbstick >         L
Magic Ocean ON/OFF (for performance)  —                  O
Clouds OFF (for performance)  —                          C


once the game starts, look around for a moment to orient yourself.

after you see where you are,
gently press FORWARD on the RIGHT THUMBSTICK to pitch your robot into flying position.

once you are roughly parallel to the ground,
gently press FORWARD on the LEFT THUMBSTICK to activate your robot's thrusters.

You are now flying.


In general, use LEFT / RIGHT on the RIGHT THUMBSTICK to steer;
and UP / DOWN on the RIGHT THUMBSTICK to dive / ascend.

If you decelerate to 0mph, you will hover in place;
The robot’s thrusters automatically counter for gravity.

From time to time, you may wish to correct your orientation / spin by rotating either
LEFT or RIGHT on the LEFT THUMBSTICK. This corrects yaw.

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This demo was made with
  • Unity3D,
  • Audacity,
  • Sketchup,
  • The Virtual Terrain Project
  • Mixamo Fuse,
  • Autodesk Maya, and<
  • Adobe Photoshop

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