dSky : Team


Danny is the senior engineer at dSky, with more than two decades of experience providing expertise in development, architecture and infrastructure. Danny applies agile methodologies supporting rapid, iterative implementation. He has established himself as an innovative mind in the industry, creating some of the first sports based interactive tech for the NFL, pioneering online medical informatics and architecting one of the first web-based CMS products.

Tuten was a principal of the award winning RamWorks team (acquired in 2000, NYSE:MPSE) and in 2001, founded Version2Network providing mission critical enterprise solutions. He has helped kickstart several start-ups in the interactive photo marketing and social analytics marketspaces.

In his spare time when he's not at a theme park with his wife and daughter or heating up the tires on a road course, his natural engineering curiosity drives him to tinker with anything he can take apart (that he occasionally even puts back together).

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